Business Studies Essay

There are two parts to this paper:

Part I

Answer these questions:

If Happiness is crucial or intimate like our DNA as Layard then why are we still unhappy?

Now if we think about it our reading so far provides us with ample answers as to what constitutes or comprises our

happiness/unhappiness, such as the Hedonistic Treadmill, search for increasing income, family, the Big Seven, looking for love etc.

Well do you think that Layard offers the final words on these various subjects or is there something else that you believe is a

crucial component or components to yours and everyone’s happiness and joy?

What is your personal formula for happiness?

Also in “Words Can Change Your Brain”, we can see how one word can change our thought patterns and eventually change the very

dimension of our brain. Do you see any connection between what is being stated in this book and Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk that body

alterations can change your destiny?

The key subtext to Professor Cuddy’s talk is what are you communicating to yourself and others though your body language?

Here is a link to her talk for a reminder:

Please use (concrete examples) from the videos or the reading (that means using page numbers, quotes) as support or to critique

where you feel that Layard may have gotten it wrong for example.

Part II

We have discussed the Six Human Needs on several occasions: 1) Certainty, 2) Variety, 3) Significance, 4) Connection and Love, 5)

Growth and 6) Contribution.

Each of these are very important to understanding why we do what we do and why people will often take what seems like “irrational”

actions. But in order to see what we ourselves are doing, and what others human needs or motivators maybe, we have to be able to

quickly and correctly identify these various needs.

So please pick a movie of your choosing and identify a major character and describe what three human needs (motivators) are

compelling them throughout the film. Please note whether or not their motivation is the same throughout the film or does it change

and morph over time?

Finally and in what ways is your happiness like or dislike the character in your chosen film. PLEASE AVOID USING THE FILM PURSUIT


The paper length for both parts I and II should be approximate 3 pages for a total page count of 6 pages