Canadian non-fiction literature

Discuss the balance of power within romantic relationships in Ross As For Me and My House
and Atwood Surfacing. Essays provide detailed analysis of how the texts work and use each of
the texts to interrogate the other and not simply write one essay on each novel with a bit of
connection at the end. You must provide carefully detailed answers with a number of specific
references to the texts being considered.
You may use any, provided all publishing information is given in a clear manner. Here is one
possibility from the MLA:
“I can’t believe I’m on this road again….” (Atwood, Surfacing, 3).
At the end of your paper will be a page titled “Works Cited.” This will list the Atwood and any
other texts to which your paper refers. This would be a possible list:
Atwood, Margaret. Surfacing. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1972.
***The two thesis attached are for your own information, do not use them as references.