Career in ten years

Final Story Project

Throughout the semester you have had the opportunity to identify your purpose, explore your career, and plan for your education here at college. You have taken a variety of assessments that offered insight into your strengths, values, interests, learning, and student strategies. You have also learned about college’s valuable resources that will help you navigate your way through college and successfully accomplish your ultimate purpose in life. Now it is time to share what you have learned by telling a story.

Imagine that it is eight to ten years from now. You have already completed your education and you are currently working in your dream career (Accountant). You are looking back on your journey and telling your story while incorporating what you have learned in this course. You can choose who you will be sharing your story with and the manner in which you tell your story, but it must be delivered in class during your final exam.

Creativity and forward thinking are extremely important for this project.

The ideas are endless, so think about your audience and bring the background, setting, and overall presentation to life. Be creative with how you share your story. Plan your presentation and ensure that delivery techniques (posture, gesture, eye contact, and vocal expressiveness) help to convey the meaning of your final presentation.

Presentation Instructions
Your presentation must be 5-8 minutes. You must submit a copy of the presentation.

The following elements must be included:

Creativity/Originality Your story should be told in a creative, realistic way. The audience should be able to clearly identify the setting and background for your presentation. You should also use visual aids, props, and/or attire that is relevant to the setting and story.
Personal purpose Discuss your personal purpose statement (from your purpose paper). Your presentation should include:
• A rationale for your personal purpose statement
• A clear connection between your values, interests, strengths or goals (from the assessments taken in the course)
• An explanation of how the personal purpose statement helped you choose your career
Academicpathway Discuss the path you took to complete your education. Your presentation should include:
• The degree you pursued at college and your transfer institution (if applicable)
• An explanation about how your degree relates to your goals, interests, strengths, values or purpose
• A review of how much it cost you to complete your associate’s and bachelor’s degree (if applicable) and how you paid for your education (for example: grants, loans, scholarships, personal budget)
• Information about the resources (for example: people, places, course lessons) you used at college to help you be successful and/or develop your education plan
Career pathway Discuss the path you took toget to your career of choice. Your presentation should include:
• The steps you took after completing your degree to secure your career (internships, certifications, licensures, etc.)
• A detaileddescription of your profession (what do you do?)
• A discussion of general workforce skills (what skills are needed to do what you do?)
• Two interesting or relevant facts you learned about the profession from your career interview and how this information helped you achieve your goals