Carefully consider the THREE articles associated with the Assignment in Coursework: look to “Social Media Articles”.

Using the “Letters” from the Study Guide, form a detailed analysis of each of the THREE articles by way of ONE “Letter” of your choice from the Study Guide.
PLEASE avoid underwritten / unsubstantiated Posts.
Be attentive to your style of writing consistent with the rules of grammar, punctuation and syntax.
Look to the “Handout” tab on the “Main Page” of e-Learning to view several pages of Rubric identifying best practices for writing.
Note: PLEASE identify at the top of your Post, the title of the article of which you are about to consider.
Note: identify at the beginning of your Post the “Letter” you have selected to consider–e.g., (b)….(f)….(g)….
NOTE: Given the articles are brief, integrate either ONE quotation or insight from the author of EACH of the three articles.
NOTE: Identify WHICH article you are about to consider by its title for EACH of the THREE articles

LC-ETHICS-IWP-Post_Writing_Rubric-Sum._17.docx LC-ETHICS-Soc._Media_Article-One.docx LC-ETHICS-Social_Media_Article_Two.docx LC-ETHICS-The_Psychology_of_Being_Online.docx