Case Analysis


This assessment will form part of your E-portfolio
Two case studies will be posted from which the student will select one case to review and critically analyse. Contemporary evidence based guidelines from nursing and allied health literature will be available in e-reserve and moodle which the student will use to inform their case analysis.
The student is specifically required to analyse the case study they have chosen and identify if the nursing care provided to the patient described in the case study, has met evidence based guidelines and professional and ethical standards for competent nursing care.
Marking criteria
1. Analyse the selected patient scenario and describe evidence which indicates the patient has received appropriate care.
2. Identify areas where the safety and/or well-being of the patient may have been compromised or where policy, guidelines or professional standards were breeched.
3. Make recommendations for the optimal care of this patient using literature sources available to you in e-reserve and moodle.
4. Ensure work is presented in a scholarly manner (free from spelling & grammatical errors, well set out and logically argued). References must be correctly cited in accordance with APA 6th Edition. References should NOT be older than 5 years.
This report will be marked using the assessment rubric