Case Analysis – Direct Measure Assessment


Order type: Case StudySubject: BusinessAcademic level: UndergraduateStyle: APA
MGT431 Standardized Case AnalysisThe document will be a 12-15 page fully formatted APA style document exclusive of Title Page, Reference Page and Appendices all of which are required.Overview & Mission to include:• Company Background• Past strategies• Key factors leading to company’s current position• Key issues or problems that lie ahead• Mission clearly articulated• Products/services Markets• Future growth intentionsInternal & External Analysis to identify:• Strengths• Weaknesses• Opportunities• ThreatsMore Internal & External Analyses to include:• Value Chain Analysis• Strategic Cost Analysis• Weighted Competitive Strength Analysis• Company Situational Analysis• Industry Attractiveness• AnalysisStrategic Implications to include:Internal and external strategic issues synthesized, insightful, and explanations demonstrate understanding; analysis of strategic implications demonstrates knowledge of the company and industry, exhibits ability to critically review and hypothesize alternatives, and takes into account various operational aspects of the businessGoals & Long-term Objectives to include:• The number of goals and objectives identified are appropriate• The goals and objectives are specific• The goals and objectives are measurable• The goals and objectives are realisticRecommendations & Implementation to include:• This section appropriately “flows” from the analysis• Recommendations are realistic• Commitment/conviction is evident• Plan presented and identifies people, timetables, priorities, and progress checks necessary to be successfulI am choosing Lowes as my Fortune 500 Company.