Case briefing of 3 cases


case briefs can be long or short, depending on the depth of analysis required and the complexity of the case. A comprehensive case brief must include ALL of the following elements: 1. Case Title & Citation 2. Relevant Case Facts 3. Procedural History 4. Issue(s) 5. Holding (decision) 6. Reasoning (analysis) includes rule(s) of law 7. Dissent(s)/Concurrence(s) … if any. For example, all relevant facts must be included in the Relevant Case Facts section, not just a few random facts. If a case has more than one issue you MUST address every issue. Example: 3 issue must have three holdings and three reasonings. (The information of cases have been sent and when it comes to sources use the book that I have sent you( the information I have sent you is from that book so that you can cite from the book)