Case Evaluation Paper


“Case Evaluation Paper”
1. The assignment is to find a true-crime book about a crime in which one or more
of the defendants are charged with a major felony, tried, and convicted or acquitted, then to read/study this book and write a case-evaluation report. Books covering a number of crimes, pursuits of known or unknown fugitives, or cases involving guilty pleas are inappropriate as they lack focus on a single case and the guilt or innocence factor in a criminal court.
2. Books that have been used successfully in this class are:
Graysmith, Robert, THE SLEEPING LADY (Dutton, 1990)
Finch, Phillip, FATAL FLAW (Viler Books, 1992)
Frondorf, Shirley, DEATH OF A “JEWISH AMERICAN PRINCESS” (Villard Books, 1988)
McGinniss, Joe BLIND FAITH (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1989)
Sandiford, Kay, and Burgess, Alan, SHATTERED NIGHT (Warner Books, 1984)
Wolfe, Linda, WASTED-THE PREPPIE MURDER (Simon & Schuster, 1989)
Vogel, Steve, REASONABLE DOUBT (Contemporary Books, 1989)
Olsen, Jack, PREDATOR (Island Books, 1992)
Biondi, Ray, and Hecox, Walt, ALL HIS FATHER’S SINS (Prima Publishing 1988)
3. To ensure effective organization and some unity students should title their report, to identify the case or book being used and write an introductory paragraph linking the title and the remainder of the report. Four marginal headings are then useful in writing your case evaluation.
Copy in the final segment (CONCLUSION) should contain the outcome of the trial, the author’s views on guilt or innocence, and the student’s opinion as to justice in this case.