Case Study Analysis

For this assignment you will present an analysis of a case study on a student with learning disabilities. Use the library or your readings to locate a case study of your choosing. Once you have selected a student, use the Build a Kid interactive media piece (located in the Studies section of Unit 2) to create their profile. The case study will likely not provide information about all components of the profile. You will need to create the remainder of the student’s profile.

Once you have completed the profile, you will be given the option to export a PDF. Please submit the profile along with your assignment. You will also need to attach the profile to your second discussion question in Unit 2, “Discuss Your Case Study Analysis.”

In your analysis you will need to address the following:

Best practices for managing the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of the student.
Best practices for teaching reasoning, problem solving skills, study skills, organizational skills, and coping skills.
Best practices for creating an effective and appropriate learning environment for the student.
Best practices for planning for transitions for the student.
Your Case Study Analysis should be 2–3 pages in length and must follow APA style and formatting. You must cite at least two scholarly resources. Submit your Case Study Analysis in the assignment area.