Case Study Freud


Case Study Assignment – Freud
Learning and Applying the Theory
Included in attachment is a three page case study of a fellow name Hank. On the last page you will find 6 questions pertaining to this case that you are required to answer using Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis. Make sure to respond to each question in its entirety. You will be graded in terms of your ability to respond correctly and substantively to each question (some have multiple parts). A high level of quality of writing is expected and deductions will be made for poor writing.
When responding to questions make sure to number them so we know exactly which question you are answering and make sure you answer questions in the order presented.
Points allocated to each question is specified below.
Question 1. Make sure to answer all of the questions presented. Your narrative should be approximately 200-300 words (minimum).
Question 2 through 5. Make sure to answer the questions 2through 5 with a substantive response supporting your perspective (a paragraph of approximately 100-150 words is expected in response each question).
Question 6. Make sure to answer the question with a substantive response supporting your perspective. A minimum of a 100-150 word paragraph is expected.