Case Study Paper

Students will select a book or movie of their choosing that depicts substance use in some capacity. Students will then provide a thorough case study paper that examines the following information:
• Identifying Information
• Informed Consent
• Sources of Information
• Chief Complaint/Presenting Problem
• History of Present Illness
• Past Psychiatric History
• Social and Developmental History
• Medical History
• Family Psychiatric and Medical History
• Mental Status Examination
• DSM Diagnosis(es)
• Biopsychsocial Formulation (Clinical Formulation that supports the diagnosis)
• Treatment Recommendations (some of which MUST include family therapy modalities)
The Case Study Paper should be 7-10 pages in length and include a genogram. Students may fabricate information about the client/family that is not evident through the book/movie they have chosen. If information is fabricated, this must be noted at the outset of the paper.

All papers MUST meet graduate level writing standards. Papers should follow APA standards and include references. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to visit the writing center for support regarding APA style and grammar.