Chronic Illness Nurse – Primary Health Care


1. Des?ribe the ke? attributes ?f the Chronic Illness Nurse and explain why the Chronic illness nurse is considered a Primary Health Care (PHC) nursing role .
2. Describe the general characteristics and relevant demographic information of the clientele this type of nurse is likely to provide health services for .
3. If the clientele are a general population group, identify a geographical location such as a local government area (LGA) (INNER MELBOURNE CITY) and discuss this in terms of the LGA data available.
4. Consider the characteristics/demographic data of the nurse’s client group to identify a relevant health issue of concern. Explain how you determined this issue as a concern relevant to the clientele. Provide justification for why the PHC nurse would engage in action to address this concern.
5. Identify three resources/initiatives currently available or in place to support health promotion activity in relation the health issue of concern, which do not focus on the development of personal skills. Explain how these relate to the remaining promotion strategies outlined in the Ottawa Charter.
6. Propose two responses the PHC nurse could initiate to address the identified health issue for their client group, of which only one may relate to the development of personal skills. Provide a rational for each of these interventions. Outline the goal, objectives and strategies that will be used to implement each initiative, and justify these.