In this piece of work I want you to write out a 4750 word literature review on “Use of hemp lime walls in the construction industry”.
Attached to this document will be 2 reports that are very similar to the type of report in terms of the layout and material that will be required of my piece of work. What is required of you though is simply the part of the literature review, as this review will be part of an even larger project. In the file named “LITERATURE REVIEW 1”, the relevant pages of the 97 page document that you will need as the basis of the outline are pages 1-27. The second point of reference in terms of the layout and material will be titled “LITERATURE REVIEW 2”, in this document all of the material will be useful and relevant.
Also attached to this document will be 6 extra files. These files will be used in order to give you more updated figures and material for you to use in order not to be too similar to the other documents. It is vital that this piece of work will not include any plagiarised material from either “LITERATURE REVIEW 1” and “LITERATURE REVIEW 2”. Can you also use any other books, journals, academic articles, reports, conferences. Ect. That may help you in order to make this literature review of the highest possible quality. It is also vital that at least 50 references are used in this literature review.
The outline of what is required from the literature review is as follows:
The literature review summarises the author’s study of published information
relevant to the given problem.
It is important that a full literature review is carried out at an early stage of the project
work. This should be done in such a way as to identify all relevant published data, so
that the researcher can develop a full understanding of the current subject and of the
extent and quality of the work that has been carried out by previous researchers.
The purpose of the literature review is to:
(a) Report on what work has been done previously which is relevant to the current
(b) Identify, giving references, which of this previous work is most important and
relevant to the current study;
(c) Critically assess the quality of the previous work and assess how it relates to the
current study;
(d) Identify gaps in previous work that are relevant to the current study;
(e) Suggest ways in which the current study might proceed in order to address any
gaps or limitations in such previous work.
All of these points here must be relevant to the document entitled “INFORMATION”, these are the relevant points and figures on which my investigation shall be based upon.