Class: Federal Government

Research Assignment Research Assignment • You must only use authoritative sources in your essay. Your sources will have to be from peer reviewed database articles or from critical sources (can be electronic). You CANNOT use Wikipedia or something that you have “googled” as a source. You will be asked to submit your paper to to ensure you are documenting your sources. You should submit the assignment online as indicated, using only .doc, docx, or pdf files. If I determine that you have used others’ ideas, words, etc. without providing adequate documentation, you will receive a zero on the paper. Make sure you cite all information that is not yours. will mark the ideas, words, etc. that are included in some other document.
Assignment:  For this assignment research where the state of Texas ranks nationally in the following:Drop-out rateEducational fundingTeen pregnancyChild abuse and neglectPrison populationPoverty rateInsured for health careMental Health care fundingAnd write a minimum of 5 pages on the ranking concluding with what you found most surprising of the rankings.  Critically thinking about the topics, what did you find most concerning for the future of Texas and why.  Additionally you will want to identify any of the Student Learning Outcomes (see files) that apply each of the topics and explain how they apply how they apply.  You will want to include why you found that most concerning as well as why it is not good for the state and country.You may not use Wikipedia or general World Wide Web sites. This means you cannot use any .com sites. You may only use .edu or .org sites. Also please use quotations when needed in the essay and cite those quotations