Classic English Literature

Please complete the two essays for this exam. The test does not have to be completed in one sitting, so it is a good idea to read the questions, write your answers somewhere else, and paste them in when you are satisfied that they are complete. Be sure to quote from the poems we have read for this class in your responses. Parenthetical citation is required, and outside sources are also welcome. Question: In an answer of 15+ lines, please respond to the following: From the Tao Te Ching to the poetry of the present day, poets have addressed some of the most difficult topics that humanity faces. The themes and/or subject matter often differ, but there is no question that the poet (or lyricist) is often the first to deliver ideas on things that affect us deeply. Choose two poets from different eras and discuss how each of them address a theme that is significant in the social and/or individual sense. **Be sure to use quotes from the work(s) of each poet, citing