Classic English Literature


Summer Reading Assignment
Part 1 (25%)Response Essay:Directions:1. Complete each of the sentence starters below. 2. Choose five of your sentences to expand to one paragraph each on a separate sheet of paper.3. Write a response essay following the outline provided on the back of this page.
Sentence Starters:   I noticed…   I wonder…  I was reminded…  I think…   I’m surprised that…   I’d like to know…   I realized…   If I were…   The central issue(s) is/are…   One consequence of _______could be…   If ________, then…   I’m not sure…   Although it seems…

Essay Outline:Introduction● Identify the author’s purpose in writing the text. Go beyond the basic purpose (to entertain). Consider why the author chose to write and share this particular story● Identify the intended audience. Go beyond identifying the intended age group. Consider the interests and experiences of a potential reader. Body Paragraphs● The reflections written based on the sentence starters above will make up your body paragraphs.● As you determine the order of paragraphs, consider revising for continuity and transitions.Conclusion● Give your review of the book. Go beyond simply whether or not your liked the book or whether or not you recommend it. Think deeper in justifying your review. What are the appealing features of the writing? What is lacking? Etc.

Part 2 (25%)Four Corners Project:Using the blank page given by your teacher, fold the paper to create four even squares. Write the title and author of your novel across the top of the page. Label the boxes with the four terms shown below (Conflict, Symbolism, Irony, and Character). Next, give a short quote, explanation, and illustration. Your illustrations should be in color, and your project should show quality work. (Hint: For conflict, irony, and character, make sure that you include the type.)The Jungle
Conflict By Upton Sinclair
SymbolismIrony Character
For conflict, irony, and character, make sure that you include the type.● Conflict: man vs. man, man vs. self, man vs. society● Irony: verbal, situational, dramatic● Character: protagonist, antagonist
Part 3 (50%)Book Test: September 1stYou will be assessed on your knowledge and understanding of the book you chose for summer reading. Please be prepared to answer comprehension and analysis questions in class on Friday, September 1st.

Academic Honesty Statement:By signing this document, I am indicated that I read the book listed above and that the reflection essay I am submitting is my own, original work. I understand that submitting work that is not my own, will result in a grade of zero with no opportunity to redo the assignment.
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