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4 hours ago
Television is an Art Form, not a Gateway to Hell
While listening to the lessons, I was appalled to see that whomever voiced the dull, mind-numbing monotone lessons was preaching a lesson of anti-art. Television is certainly not the devil, and does not lead to increased narcissism or any of the above. Such studies are extremely skewed towards a biased perspective and do not take into account the many ways a human mind develops. They are also incredibly out of date; the time a child spends watching television all day has long since passed; now, if they are being sedentary, they are on the internet.
Television is a beautiful art form. Certain shows are filled with fantastic writing, character design, script, lighting, camera angles, and more. Many make you think, involve your mind, and challenge your way of thinking. (Longmire, The Mentalist, etc.) To demonize all television as a waste of time is a very sad way of thinking, because you are missing out on a beautiful addition to life. Not to mention, the irony in her statements about turning off your brain, as I had to work extremely hard not to turn my brain off listening to her.
It’s important to have a balance in life. Life is all about balance; a balanced diet, a balanced work/leisure time. A balance of reading, of watching, of listening, of seeing. We are all products of God, and he has given us incredible aptitude to creating beautiful works of art, including music, including TV, including movies, including Video Games.

Much of the time I spent feeling personally affronted, because I grew up a heavy TV watcher, along with being a heavy reader, a heavy player of video games, and a heavy observer. I did it all; am I a narcissist for living a good, balanced life with my chosen leisure time? What, did I destroy my childhood by watching beautiful Disney animations, and then going outside and writing my own stories? Reading my own books?

The fact of the matter is, art is important to the human psyche and way of living, and you cannot take that away from us. Parenting, not TV, is the reason children are dressing like prostitutes and acting like adults. Do not demonize the creators, demonize the bad parents.