Communication and health profession

Communication and health profession


The topic of the essay is how good communication skills can contribute to the provision of effective health professional services.

You will use the scenario below, then find and read at least FIVE relevant articles from academic literature about that topic. While you are reading, you should find TWO communication skills to discuss that are related to that scenario.

You are working in a large urban clinic and one of your regular clients is a refugee with limited English skills. Discuss TWO communication skills a health professional would use to ensure the delivery of high quality care to this client.

You Should:
? Base your report on the evidence you find in the academic literature
? Write from the perspective of a generic health professional- DO NOT BE DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC.

FIVE articles to reference:
Title: A conversation analysis of verbal interactions and social processes in interpreter-mediated primary care encounters.
Authors: Estrada, Robin Dawson 1; Reynolds, Jennifer F. 2; Messias, DeAnne Hilfinger K. 3


Title: Responsibility for COPD self-management in ethno-cultural communities: the role of patient, family member, care provider and the system.
Authors: Shum, Jessica BA; Poureslami, Iraj MSCHA PhD; Cheng, Natalie BA; FitzGerald, J Mark MD FRCPC

Title: The social gradient in doctor-patient communication
Authors: Evelyn Verlinde, Nele De Laender, Stephanie De Maesschalck, Myriam Deveugele and Sara Willems

4. Please find some relative articles.

5. Please find some relative articles.

TWO communication skills:
1. Use diagrams and simple language
– Keep it simple
– Simpler words and shorter sentences

2. Use non-verbal communication

Use the following sections as a guide: Introduction/background: 100 words
First communication skill: at least 300 words
Second communication skill: at least 300 words
Conclusion: 100 words.

 Please “keep” using the evidence from the articles to support your position or argument. (Can reference the same article a lot of time, but throughout the essay, can only refer to maximum/minimum five articles) 
If you use direct quotations, please make sure you copy them exactly and reference them. If you use indirect quotations and paraphrases, make sure you reference them.