Community Service Project

Community Service Project Guidelines

As described in the course catalog, which suggests community projects in this course, you are expected to complete ten hours of pro-

social voluntarism that actively works to address some social problem in the community where you live or Northern Michigan, generally

speaking. You are strongly encouraged to find opportunities that address problems discussed in the class’s main text as information is

readily available. Students must have prior verification with me of your proposed topic, plan, community connections, and goals. I will

provide support in finding connections with community-based organizations wherever possible. You are required to work with non-profit or

governmental organizations that address social problems.
You will also prepare a 6-8 page, double-spaced, typically-sized font, reflection and research paper that speaks to the prompts below

and is supported with a bibliography of a minimum of five relevant, scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.
1) Provide a statement of the objective conditions addressed by your voluntarism or the organization connected to the project at a

minimum of two levels of society in our community/region, nationally or internationally (15%);
2) analyze the history and current state of the problem addressed, including structural (economic, political) and socio-cultural

(beliefs, practices, customs) forces maintaining it at a minimum of two levels of society: in the community; nationally and/or

internationally (30%);
3) take a stand on the issue (summarized into a main thesis statement) that speaks to what you believe about the problem, which should

be based on evidence and a “fact-based worldview” (10%);
4) contain dimensions and interactions of human agency, social organizations/institutions and social movements in your whole analysis.

(15%) and
5) make recommendations of how the problem may be better addressed, exploring research and best practices around the nation/world

a. describe the type of organization connected, including a brief description of services provided in your recommendations (10%).