Company Profile Project

Introduction to Business in a Market EconomyIntroduction to Business in a Market Economy
Create a Company Profile paper or presentation on a company that is of interest to you and your career goals. It might be a company where you are currently employed or where a friend or family member works. Or it might be a company you admire or where you buy products.
Your Company Profile Project should thoroughly examine the following areas and comprise the following, depending on whether you prepare a paper or presentation:• For a Paper: At least 5 full pages of content• For a Presentation: At least 10-12 slides of content
Provide a separate title and final References page/slide. Also, be sure to incorporate appropriate text as well as charts and graphics into your paper or presentation.
Be sure to include in-text reference citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA or MLA format and style in your report. In addition to your textbook, you should include at least 3 additional quality reference sources for a total of not less than 4 references.
1. Company Overview a. Location (address) of company headquartersb. Brief (no more than 1slide) history of the companyc. Mission or Vision statement d. Company statistics (# of employees, locations, etc.)
2. Industry Overviewa. What industry does the company operate in?b. Who are the firm’s major competitors (top 3)?
3.  Marketing Overview and the 4 P’sa. Description of the target marketb. Key products and/or service lines c. Pricing strategiesd. Distribution issues, if applicablee. Promotional strategies (advertising, personal selling, word-of-mouth, etc.)
4.  Financial data over the past three-to-five years (e.g. 2010-2015) a. Comment on the company’s profitability over the past 3-5 years. Is the company profitable? E.g. are its revenues greater than expenses?
5. International Operations, if applicable a. Current international operations outside the U.S. (specify countries and products)b. Intended growth/expansion into new global markets (specify which ones)
6.  Review of key management personnel a. Brief profile of founder(s) and current CEO/Presidentb. Identify other key officers within the company (i.e. CFO, COO, CTO, etc.)
7. SWOT analysis a. What are the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses?b. What are its external opportunities and threats? E.g. political, economic, social, global, technological
8. Your assessment and future predictionsa. Where will the company be in 3-5 years in terms of size and scope of operations, markets served, competitive position, etc?b. Based on your research, what are 2-3 critical success factors (CSFs) that your firm needs to pay attention to going into the future?
Company Profile Project Rubric – ECN 1015
Excellent(90-100) Good(74-89) Fair(60-73) Substandard(below 60)Critical Thinking & Content:Up to 20 points *Content is comprehensive and accurate *All information is included and critically examined *Excellent synthesis and analysis of data *Content and purpose of the analysis are clear *Examines cause and effect (18 to 20 points) *Content is accurate *One topic requirement not met nor critically examined *Synthesis and analysis of data are adequate *Content and purpose of the analysis are reasonably clear *Some examination of cause and effect (15 to 17.9 points) *Content is not comprehensive and may be inaccurate *At least two topic requirements not met *Synthesis and analysis of data are inadequate *Content and purpose of the analysis is inconsistent *Little to no examination of cause and effect (13 to 14.9 points) *Content is incomplete and/or inaccurate*There is no synthesis or analysis of data *Content is lacking or inconsistent *No examination of cause and effect (1 to 12.9 points)Information Literacy & Project Organization:Up to 20 points *Locates and incorporates reliable, discipline-specific information from a  variety of sources *Analyzes quality, accuracy, authority and timeliness of resource *Project is structured so that it is clear and easy to follow, well organized, and has a logical flow *Project follows guidelines, is in-depth, and of the length as described for the assignment (18 to 20 points) *Locates and incorporates quality information, demonstrating an ability to search to find relevant sources *Analyzes quality, accuracy, authority and timeliness of resource *Project structure is mostly clear and easy to follow *Project follows guidelines and is of the appropriate length as described for the assignment (15 to 17.9 points) *Randomly incorporates information on a topic using limited and similar sources *Minimal analysis of quality, accuracy, authority, and timeliness of resources *Project structure is not easy to follow *Project follows most guidelines *Project is over/under the appropriate length as described for the assignment (13 to 14.9 points) *Minimally successful at locating and incorporating needed information *Shows minimal evaluation of resources *Organization and structure detract from the project *Project lacks many elements and is inadequate/excessive in length (1 to 12.9 points)Presentation of Information:Up to 10 points *Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed *Spelling is correct *Language is clear and precise *APA or MLA formatting is used in-text and in a final References section (9 to 10 points) *Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed with minor errors * Spelling is correct *APA or MLA formatting is used for reference sources in-text and in a final References section with minor errors (7 to 8.9 points) *Presentation contains few grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors*Language lacks clarity *Problems with APA or MLA formatting of reference sources in-text and in a final References section (4 to 6.9 points) *Presentation contains numerous grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors *No APA or MLA formatting is used to denote references (1 to 3.9 points)Total