Comparison of Romeo And Juliet and Westside Story

” In the production of Westside Story, Maria and Tony meet and fall in love.  Their delicate situation ends with tragedy.  In the classic Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love.  Of course, this tale ends in astonishing and tragic death.  _x000D_
In comparing the two productions, each character appropriately contrasts and resembles one another.  The characters personalities are distinct, yet rigorous in every definition.  The most comparable characters would be that of Maria versus Juliet Capulet.  In each story, a supply of partial reality claimed the characters and their lives tale.    _x000D_
The author of Westside Story places Maria as an inhabitant of the twentieth century New York City, where her family imported to from Puerto Rico.  In the play, Romeo and Juliet, Juliet resides in Verona, Italy during the Renaissance period.  The two distinctively compare in revision via forbidden love and tragedy.  The 1950 version is a relic through dance, music, and song of Shakespeares poetic words._x000D_
Both stories portray no rationalism.  Westside Story climaxes as Maria is said to be dead.  Her love, Tony then desires death upon him as well, but alas, she is not dead and Tony dies anyway.  The climax results because of the two fighting street gangs, and the two members of the rival gangs fall in love.  In Shakespeares version, Juliet also dies, but from poison.  Thus, Romeo tries to kill himself and succeeds, but Juliet is mistakenly, not dead.  The reason for Juliets loss is also because of fighting, or in other words, the two feuding families.  The Capulets and Montegues fight, but Juliet and Romeo fall in love anyway, all ending in tragic loss and doom._x000D_
The Broadway and film selection of Westside Story is a musical drama and version of the theoretical Romeo and Juliet.  Shakespeare had a message to elaborate on and succeeded.  Juliet is a lovely young lady, loyal to her family.  She finds a true… “