How is the Theme, Repressed Sexuality, Prominent in the work of “Heat” by Joyce Carol Oates? The theme of power may not be used.

One source is the book Heat itself; the other two sources must be critics/book review/author talking about the book herself (all legitimate sources) such as NY/LA Times or NPR book review or a youtube video of author talking about book.

One source you may us or not is:

The other source I will leave up to you to use what you think will be best for this essay.

I will attach a paper I have done before on this book for the same professor which you may use to expand from and see how I write. I got an A- on this paper. You may change around the theme if you think you have a better approach or like a topic in the paper I wrote which will be attached below but you may NOT use the theme of power when discussing the book or to back up any argument my professor has banned us from this. Any questions please feel free to ask me any questions.

A works cited is needed at the end and citations are required throughout the paper.

The setup of the paper should as requested from my professor should be:
1. Intro
2. Paragraph 1: Book Text and my view on text
3. Paragraph 2: Critic/Source 1 used to back up book text and my view
4 and 5. Paragraph 3 and 4: Same as Paragraph 1 and 2 but should be another part of book and critic/source 2 used
6. Conclusion
7. Works Cited