Concepts of Multifactorial ANOVA


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Dear writer, Please answer the following discussion question. Please write in essay form APA style, no abstract or introduction is necessary. Include the citations within the content of the essay and provide reference list. Ensure the writing and ideas are complete thoughts. Answer discussion question with all the information required.Discussion question:Discuss the generic research questions that multifactorial ANOVA (two-way between subjects ANOVA) is used to answer. Include a discussion of the types of data required, the assumptions of the procedure, and how it differs from the one-way ANOVA. Provide a hypothetical example of a situation appropriate for using multifactorial ANOVA as the primary analytical technique.Describe the interaction effect and explain how it is interpreted in a multifactorial ANOVA. Using your example, explain how the interaction effect is operating.Resources:Laerd Statistics. (n.d.). Two-way ANOVA in SPSS statistics. Retrieved from tutorials/two-way-anova-using-spss-statistics.php?utm_expid=25601712-8.Jdr6DhafTz-H75YJtEJF9w.0Pages 185-198 in the Munro’s Statistical Methods for Health Care Research textbook