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We can think about the multiple audiences for a given topic as a problem of translation. Different audiences or groups of people have different languages and cultures which inform how they understand and respond to a given topic. When we shift information and arguments between audiences, and thus between discourse communities, we have to translate the expectations, knowledge, and perspectives from one group to another.
For this assignment, you will choose an article from a professional journal specifically from your area of expertise. You will then translate that article for a different audience in about 500 to 750 words, or however long you need to fully explain the work.
The different audience might be a significantly different profession, an informed lay audience, or an uninformed lay audience. It will be easiest to think about your new audience through a specific publication: the New York Times business or science section, Scientific American, USA Today, Popular Mechanics, etc.
As you think about your translation, consider the following issues:
• Consider our guest presentation about elements to be aware of when dealing with translation.
• What is your audience likely to already know about this topic? What kinds of information, outside of that provided by the original article, will you need to provide to make this topic comprehensible for this audience?
• What kinds of information in the original article will help your audience understand the point you are making, and what kinds of information can you leave out?
• How will/should the language of your article differ from that of the original article?
• Why should this new audience care about this topic? The original article is likely to have implicit significance for the original audience, but what is the significance of this topic or development to your new audience? How can you make this significance apparent?
• What other issues, ideas, or developments does this relate to, extend, or contradict? Think about what else is going on in the news.
• How should you frame the original claim? As a claim? As a discovery? As an invention?
• What kinds of document design and visual aids would both be congruent with your intended outlet and help your audience understand your article?

Assignment Break Down:
• Include both the original article and your translation of it.
• Include a works cited page that cites where your article came from.
• Focus on accessibility of information and a controlled, professional tone.