consultation liaison mental health nurse

Order type: Essay
Subject: Nursing
Academic level: Master

Please use UK english and australian related statistics
Alternative Assignment Two – Topic Exploration- 3,000 words up to 12 pages (not
including title page, reference list or any appendices. Includes all in text references).
(Due Sunday 28th May 2017 by 2359) 50%.
Dual Diagnosis and Community Work
Topic Exploration
Title: Topic Exploration 50 %
Choose one of the community mental health nursing roles explored in this course and write a 3,000 word review of the literature with a focus on care intervention.
1. Provide an introduction to your paper (half a page).
2. Provide a background section which might consider historical background to the development of the role and define the scope of the nurse’s role. For example how did the role of the consultation liaison mental health nurse develop (two and a half pages)
3. Find, review and be critical of the literature. Generate section headings for your review to guide the reader through the literature (five pages)
4. Write a section on application to practice. For this section you may use personal communication with people in the role. Check APA about how to cite personal communication (two and a half pages)
5. Conclude your paper (half a page)
Introduction 5 marks
Background 10 marks
Review of the literature 20marks
Application to practice 10 marks
Conclusion: 5 marks
Overall percentage of assignment (50%)
Minus marks deducted for:
Late submission – 10% per day (No extensions beyond one week) or >10% over the word count
Minus marks deducted for:
Presentation, Grammar and spelling, Referencing style in text and end text (Refer to APA 6th edition)
Up to 5 marks
Total Final Mark 50%