consumer protection or antitrust problem



Order type: EssaySubject: Legal IssuesAcademic level: MasterStyle: APA

Research a company that has been in the news due to a consumer protection or antitrust problem. Clearly define and evaluate three legal concepts that were discussed in the text and that apply to the company. Identify the ethical dilemma that the scenario presents and evaluate two ethical frameworks that applied to management’s decisions.Reflect on the class discussions and the articles that you have read during the class and use the information, and other academic sources to write a 2500- 3000 word essay critiquing the company, its operations, and the ethical dilemma it caused. Use at least seven credible sources for your essay, including at least two sources from the University library. Proper citation and references in APA 6th ed. format are required.Criterion Unsatisfactory (Below 80%) Satisfactory (80% – 89%) Exceptional (90% – 100%)Antitrust/ Consumer Protection Did not sufficiently discuss antitrust or consumer protection. Provided a satisfactory discussion of the antitrust or consumer protection issues. Thoroughly discussed the antitrust or consumer protection issues that applied to the company.Legal Challenges did not identify and/or define three legal concepts that apply to the company. Clearly defined and discussed three legal concepts that apply to the company. Clearly defined, discussed and analyzed three legal concepts that apply to the company.Ethical Frameworks did not clearly identify or discuss the ethical dilemma using two ethical frameworks. Defined two ethical frameworks and applied them to the ethical dilemma faced by the company. Provided a detailed analysis on two ethical frameworks and thoroughly applied the frameworks to the dilemma faced by the company.Provided research to support arguments little or no evidence of research. No citations present in essay or significant instances of missing citations. Overuse of quoted material. Use of non-credible sources. Some sections of the essay supported by research. Some citations, however not all of the essay is correctly cited. Multiple sources used, in addition to the text. All arguments supported by research. All research is correctly documented with in-text citations and a reference page.Essay is 2500 – 3000 words Essay did not meet the minimum word count of 2500 words Essay exceeded the word count of 3000 words. Writing could be more concise Essay is between 2500 – 3000 wordsAPA Formatting Essay is not double- spaced or is missing a title page or reference page. Frequent citation errors. References appear on reference list but not cited in essay. Most citations are in APA format. Essay is double- spaced, contains a title page and a reference page.Mechanics Frequent grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Use of first and second person, instead of third person. Minor grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Technically flawless, mechanically and grammatically correct.Format Organization and structure developing but still some illogic in flow. Missing conclusion. Sub-headers would help organize your essay. Use sub-headers that match the elements in the grading rubric. Organization and structure are clear but presentation could be more precise. Organization and structure of the paper are clear and easy to follow.