Cost Management Document

For this assignment, you are to create a 3-5 page cost management document tailored to your project.

This assignment can be divide into two parts.

1. Description of document content:
Provide a brief description of your project. This should be a scope statement and not an entire project document, just a high level overview of your project.

2. Provide a description of the estimating process you will use for your project. At minimum address the following items:

 What estimating method or methods will you be using? (Please answer this question by addressing the following two methods: Top-down method and Bottom-up method)
 Why will you be using these methods? Provide a valid explanation as to why these methods were chosen over the alternatives.
 Who will be responsible for creating the estimates?
 Who will be responsible for reviewing and approving the estimates?
 How will the estimates be aggregated?
 How will you seek to account for padding and reserves in your estimates?
 Statement regarding level of accuracy, units of measure, and organizational procedures link (see PMBOK Guide page 148 for definitions of each)

Items to Consider:
 Document should be professionally formatted using titles, headers, and bullets where appropriate.
 Consider using an MsWord document template to format the report.
 A template may be used for the formatting, but all content must be original to you. If you use a template you must provide proper citations and references. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the assignment.
 Papers that are well organized, well written, and formatted are more likely to receive an A