Create Complete Detailed Genogram on “Precious”


Using the character of Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire
1. Create a full genogram on Claireece Jones (aka precious)- From movie and details that are not shown on movie could be made up.Some of the films provide enough detailed background for your analysis. Others may not. If the film you chose does not provide enough detail to conduct your assessment, you will have to creatively fill in missing information about members of the family who are not as visible in the film.
2.Think about the family system in the film and focus on the challenges they are facing. Imagine that you had asked a family member (an adult caregiver) one or two questions from the adult attachment interview (AAI) and include what you imagine this person’s responses would be.
-As the family counselor working with this family system, complete a creative genogram as part of your assessment process.
-Reflect on the genogram and the meanings of symbols used, including who chose the symbols.
-As this family’s counselor, reflect on what strengths and challenges for this family are demonstrated by the genogram.