create IT, web using program Dreamweaver

These proposals should be around 2 solid paragraphs (10-15 sentences) of college-level sentences. The proposals should include the following:
Are you creating an e-commerce site or a non-profit site?
Who is your target audience?
Where are you going to get your content (images, videos, text) from?
What are your goals?
What will visual/design components your website have? Be clear on what your purpose is, and ideas for logos, banners, fonts, colors will fall

into place.

You will need to include:
A banner–or header– image, or a Logo. This should appear on both/all pages.
a navigation bar, making sure that ONE of the links to an additional page works. The other menu items can be non-working. Additional menu items

will, however, be necessary to show what you are thinking of in terms of the site as a whole.

Also should include
(4) images
good content
(2) links, one external and one internal