Criminal Justice

o AGAIN: The papers will explicate and evaluate a peer-reviewed journal article, and will be informative essays with a strong content

analysis.Your textbook (Lilly) is NOT allowed as a source; but the Cullen & Agnew book may be used.

**These essays will, in general:

• Identify the underlying criminological theory that informs the study, and explain that theory.
• Explain the methodology of the study, and evaluate it’s appropriateness and efficacy
• Explain the conclusions of the study, discussing the outcome as it relates to the author’s hypotheses.
• More detailed instructions for each essay are posted in the Assignment portal for each. When you open up the section that is titled

“Articles and Assignment portals for your essay assignments- you will see links toall 4 documents (there are 2 for the first essay) at the top

of the field, and then below you will see the Assignment links themselves. **The essays must be ATTACHED as Word documents. So what you should

do is type your essays onto a Word document, save it to your computer, and then attach it to the assignment portal by browsing back to it and

uploading it. I WILL NOT READ, GRADE, or even look at essays that are simply written into the comments box that appears when the Assignment

opens up! You must attach it.

• The journal articles and essay portals are posted on the Blackboard site in a section directly below the Syllabus link on the left hand

side of the course home page. **NOTE: You do not need to actively sign in to the course. Blackboard 9 puts all registered students into the


EACH essay MUST adhere to the following guidelines:
• A standard font such as Times New Roman or Courier
• 12 point font size
• 1 inch margins
• Reference page—make SURE that you do not include NOT include references that do not appear in the body of the paper as in-text

citations. Even if there is only one item (i.e. the assigned article)- you must create a properly formatted reference page!
• AT LEAST 5 IN-TEXT CITATIONS TO THE JOURNAL ARTICLES (and the article “Broken Windows” for Essay #1) for each essay. *NOTE* that

although Essay #1 will include an analysis that includes 2 pieces, you do not need 5 in-text citations from each; the same 5 minimum citation

rule will apply.