1. What are the differences between anger rape, power rape, and sadistic rape? Why do most criminologists and law enforcement agents view rape primarily as a violent act rather than a sexual act?

2. Public order crimes are largely affected by view of “morality” in society. Using a public order crime like drug abuse, illegal gambling, smoking in certain public places, or prostitution, explain what public morality means, and how “moral entrepreneurship” affects public views of the crime you chose.

3. Criminal homicide is broken down into 1st Degree Murder, 2nd Degree Murder, and two forms of Manslaughter: Voluntary and Involuntary. What needs to be done in each of these for an accused person to be convicted of these crimes?

4. Define and give examples of each of the five types of white collar crime we discussed in class: employee crime, fraud, corporate crime, government crime, and high tech crime.

5. What is the hierarchy of the Traditional Mafia? Name each part and what their duties are in the Mafia hierarchy?