Criteria audit (Part 2)


(Criteria Audit part 2):
Final Report
Part 2 requires you to complete the criteria audit part 1 report.
After making any changes to your data collection form from feedback to Part 1 (note: Part 1 already done, I will upload it), you will then be required to audit 100 cases (note: already done, I will upload it)
Once you have completed your audit on 100 cases, create a summary sheet (Note: its already done, I will upload it). You now have data for 100 cases that you can analyse and draw some meaningful information from.
Your final report should have the following headings:
1. Results (give just the results, using both prose and tables/graphs – do not interpret or discuss the results.
2. Discussion/Findings (interpret & discuss your results and link to any literature. Note – this and your results should be the biggest sections in your report approx. 1000 words)
3. Recommendations – any further action required. (approx. 300 words)
4. Dissemination of Results (approx. 150 words)
5. Acknowledgements
6. Appendixes
a. Completed Cholecystectomy Audit Summary sheet.
• In the discussion section ensure you use graphs and tables in your discussion. Also ensure you discuss specific cases, or specific criteria and across criteria (for example, antibiotic prophylaxis and wound infections) Use current literature (journal articles) to support your arguments and demonstrate your in-depth understanding in your Discussion section.
• On your summary sheet, list each criterion and provide associated results (expected % actual % and rate).