Critical Analysis of Australian, NSW Stage 5 Geography Assessment Tasks

Order type: Critical ThinkingOrder type: Critical ThinkingSubject: PedagogyAcademic level: PhDStyle: APA
Critically analyse the two assessment tasks attached,by completing the following sections:- PART A: Analyse the cognitive skills that are measured by the selected learning outcomes.The selected learning outcomes are embedded in the attached documents and are listed below:The student:5.2 analyses, organises and synthesises geographical information.5.3 selects and uses appropriate written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical information.5.4 selects and applies appropriate geographical tools.Include as part of your analysis a description of the evidence of student achievement of these outcomes. You should represent this evidence as lists of observable indicators.-PART B: Logical analysis, supported by examples derived from the two tasks to show that they represent all thecognitive skills embedded in the learning outcomes. Use examples derived from the questions, task components andthe marking schemes to illustrate your analysis.-PART C: A self-evaluation of the two assessment tasks. Your evaluation should be based on a logical analysis of the quality of the task questions and components, relationship of each of the tasks tothe syllabus and unit content, efficiency and effectiveness of each task in assessing student achievement, and how you intend to use the collected evidence to improve your teaching practice.Use information from the following source to help support your analysis.Miller, M., Linn, R. and Gronlund, N. (2013). Measurement and assessment in teaching(11th edition). Boston: Pearson Education Inc.