Critical thinking

Writing Assignment





For the writing assignment you will make a trip to the WSU Museum of Art or other museum, and examine 4 works currently being displayed and write about those 4 pieces. This could be a painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, photographer or several different artist and media depending on the show.





  • I want to know how you feel about each of the four pieces – what do you like/dislike, what do you think the artist was trying to convey, etc. How do you think they compare against each other and similar work you may be familiar with. Incorporate elements and ideas we have talked about in class and read in the textbook (such symmetrical, asymmetrical balance, repetition of elements to convey meaning, negative space, positive space, rhythm, figure ground ambiguity, fresco and other painting methods, subtractive and additive methods, and linear perspective.  BE CREATIVE – don’t just regurgitate information.


  • I am more concerned with content and your thoughts on the works than the technical aspects of the paper. However if the spelling and grammar is extremely poor it could affect your grade.


  • Paper must be 3-5 pages long, double spaced (the bibliography does NOT count as a page)


  • 2 physical sources (digital copies are fine but they must be in print physically as well). Look for sources on your artist(s), the medium they work it like: sculpture, painting, printmaking, etc. Go to the library or the library website: This isn’t a research paper I just want to see 4 citations so I know you read something.


  • 2 legitimate online sources. Your best sources will be .gov, .edu, .org.  Also look at YouTube, the artists’ websites, etc.


  • Wikipedia is NOT a valid source


* 10 pts will be deducted if Wikipedia is used as a source.


  • Footnotes should be used to cite all sources. Use Purdue Owl (Chicago Style) to help you for your citations and bibliography. The main thing I am looking for is that you use footnotes.


This is what a footnote looks like in the text: source1 (more or less) If you insert the footnote using Microsoft Word it will enter the footnote at the bottom of the page like this:



1 Type your source in here. Title/website and author.



  • Paper must include a bibliography: list all sources – title of source, author at minimum (does NOT have to be annotated)


  • All papers will be turned in electronically via Blackboard.


  • Follow the directions in this rubric. Not following them will be the main reason you are marked down on points.


– 10% will be deducted for each DAY, not class period it is late.






Choose 4 works and discuss them:                    20 pts


Grammar and spelling                                         10 pts


Paper length/formatting                                      10 pts


Sources (2 print, 2 web)                                      20 pts


Footnotes                                                            20 pts


Bibliography                                                        20 pts



Total:                                                                       100 pts