Critique No.3

critique instructions

B. Read selected article carefully, if necessary more than once. Do not use the text of the Abstract for your critique. Focus

on the content of the paper.

Prepare your critique under the following headings. Justify it by giving examples from the article, with page number, in

your own words. Do not use quotations. YOU HAVE TO REVIEW. PLEASE DO NOT DESCRIBE, COPY OR QUOTE.

1. Method or Procedure or Design

It must be a separate section, using any of the headings. It may give details about participants in a study, sampling, preparation

and administration of data collection instruments, etc. response, etc. You have to assess whether the details were adequate, it

had all the needed elements, how well did you understand the description, and its length. Your assessment must be in the range of

150-200 words.

2. Results or Findings
Discussion or Conclusion

Which headings were used for these sections? Did the author/s have different sections for the two elements. Are these well written?

Assess them for their scope, treatment, richness, and depth. Did the author/s explain how did the paper relate to the existing body

of knowledge. Your assessment must be in the range of 150-200 words.

C. Format of the Critique

4. Provide critique of the paper, in 300-400 words, according to the headings given under section B above. Give a count of

the words used.
5. Leave appropriate margins, normal spaces using 12 point font with only headings in bold face.
6. Proof-read for spelling and grammatical mistakes.