Critiquing Multimedia Learning Objects

Critiquing Multimedia Learning Objects
Objective 1: Web Search and Discussion (One Page)
ü Perform a web search for multimedia learning objects (LOs). Find
three learning objects (LOs), save the URL for each. Explain
whether the LOs are learner centered or technology centered, also
discuss what makes the LOs multimedia and describe the various
media elements used to create the LOs. Describe how the author
of the LOs affected cognitive load.
Objective 2: Formal Critic (Three Pages)
Provide a link to each LO and write one page on each LO explaining:
ü Why you selected the LO.
ü Why you believe it represents good multimedia learning.
ü Why you believe it represents good visual and audible design.
ü What you would change and why, assuming you had the
opportunity to make changes.