Cuban Missile Crisis

Topic cuban missile crisis The key is going to be picking a topic that is narrow enough to deal with in an 2000-2500 word paper

(that’s roughly 8 to 10 pages). Once you have your topic, you should use the paper to answer the following questions about it:

1) Give a BRIEF summary of your topic. What are the major relevant details about the subject? This should be NO MORE THAN 750

WORDS. That’s why you need to narrow your topic before you sit down to write your paper.

2) Are there any relevant international agreements about your topic? Has the United Nations or other IGO’s dealt with your topic?

What NGO’s are active in this area and what are their goals?

3) Who are the (most) relevant countries? What are their interests or goals as regards your topic? Go beyond just restating what

you said in Question 1.

4) Analyze your topic from a realist and liberal perspective. How would each approach explain the way countries and individuals

have behaved in your topic?

5) What is the future of your topic?

The total length of the paper is 2000 to 2500 words. That is roughly 8 to 10 double-spaced pages with normal font and margins.

Please put the word count on the front page of your paper. The word count does not include the works cited page. Pretty much every

word processing program has a way of automatically counting words for you. If you are unsure how to do this, let me know and I will

show you. Will I count all of your words to verify your total? Probably not. Unless you hand in something that is clearly not the

length listed on the front page. I know most people start out by aiming for the minimum number of words, but given the scope of

this paper topic you will likely have no difficulty meeting the word count. While you will lose points for being under 2000 words,

if a paper has less than 1500 words it will automatically fail the assignment.

Number of Sources
Let me say this, then. It would be very hard to do well on this paper with less than five academic sources (i.e. not Wikipedia,

Investopedia, and other encyclopedic sources). You probably will want more than that, but at a minimum I’d be aiming for that. Once

you hit five sources that doesn’t mean you are done doing research – if three of your sources are all about one part of the paper

then you’re going to need more in total to write a compelling paper. MUST USE THESE SOURCES and find additional ones of your own:

What the Future Holds for U.S.-Cuba Relations