4-5 pages, double-spaced, 10-12 point font.

Introduction with thesis.

Body with explanation and evidence.

Well worded, well supported ideas on your topic with in-text citations or notations relating back to references.


An ending that rounds out your the point you have made related to the thesis you stated in the Introduction.

References consistent with your chosen style.

A separate page should list out all 5 of your references – EVERY source you use should be listed here. It should be formatted

according to the guidelines you chose (MLA, Chicago style, APA, ASA, etc.).

Syllabus statement:

RESEARCH PAPER 20 points – 5 pages

Each student will complete a research paper or book review. Students must select a topic or book and complete a Research Proposal.

The prospectus will include a brief description of your research topic, an explanation of why you are interested in this topic, why

this is a socially important topic, your research question, your sociological perspective and at least 3 academic resources you have

found during your initial research. If you are having trouble narrowing down a topic, please schedule an appointment with the

instructor. The final copy of the research paper must cite at least 5 academic sources. Note: and are not academic sources. The instructor will review drafts and make recommendations for student papers