Culture and Race

One of the basic questions in Developmental Psychology and in Educational Psychology has to do with the basic issue of Nature vs. Nurture. In other words does a person turn out to be a certain way due to his/her genetic makeup of due to the environment in which he/she was raised in.

As we have seen throughout this class session, the questions is very complex. I recently came across a review of a new book that illustrates just how complex a person’s outcome can be. This assignment asks that you consider the Nature/Nurture questions in light of what you have learned about socialization. Remember the reference the text in support of your points. TEXTBOOK: Child, Family, School, Community. Socialization and Support by Roberta M. Berns 9th edition


1. Read the article: Man Down!
2. Reflect on the the Nature/Nurture issue and then
3. Answer the question: Do you think that the outcome of this young man, due primarily to nature or to nurture?