Culture Society and Globalisation

Essay Question:
What factors have facilitated the globalisation of sport, and how has this altered the cultural meanings of sport?

– Students must present an argument and to support this argument with the using this reading that relates to the essay question and 6 other references (must be academic books and or journal articles) Cohen, R & Kennedy, P 2013, Global sociology, 3rd ed, New York University Press, Washington Square, New York.

– Must demonstrate an analytical ability to engage with the theoretical problems at hand.

– Relate the issues relating to the question, and to show evidence of that research in the form appropriate reference and quotation.

-Query and Evaluate all that you read and through critical engagement with it develop your own opinions and ideas. These ideas may be argued and substantiated by rational means and in logic order.

– Argument must have a clear structure
– Write a clear introduction in which you outline the main arguments and structure of the of the essay and end with a clear summary and conclusion.

The Introduction must –
– Give background to the topic
– Defines concepts and boundaries
– Clearly establishes the argument
– Introduces the structure of the essay

The Body must
– have logical steps to address the question
– Clear evidence of critical analysis and argument
– Relevant examples provided
– Synthesis of research material to support argument
– Good use of quotes and paraphrases to support the argument

Conclusion must have;
– clearly summarises the argument
– conclusions well linked to the question

Overall Structure
– Logical structure
-Coherence between sections