Curator’s Statement

Curator’s Statement: Share a Curator’s Statement with your group’s discussion board on CANVAS.

o In your statement, you will explain your overall theme. Be enthusiastic, leaving your peers
with the desire to go “visit” your exhibition. Give them insight into your choices and thought
process. Please go beyond: “I picked them because I liked them” – this type of brief explanation
will result in a reduced grade.

0 Within your statement, identify one specific work from your collection (artist, title, medium,
dimensions) and discuss how it exemplifies your chosen theme. Additionally, in what
period of art and historical context was this particular artwork made? (see Part 3 of your
textbook for help in identifying artistic periods/movements).

0 Next. select and identify a second work from your collection that is from a different
historical context or culture. Compare and contrast the two works. In your comparison, you
may consider what the artworks look like and what they are communicating How is your
theme reflected similarly or differently in these two works? What do the works tell you about
each culture’s attitudes and /or beliefs?

Physical vs. Digital Museums: In Unit #3 you visited a physical museum. This may have been your
first visit to a museum or you may have visited many museums prior to our class. Consider the
positives and negatives that arise from both virtual exhibitions and brick and mortar institutions. From
your experience, do you think that virtual museums such as those in the Google Art Project are
comparable to physical museums? Why or why not?