Curriculum artefact on Prevocational Mathematics in the form of unit plan addressing the topical issue of Creating Positive Learning Environment


Task Description
The second assessment Item involves the construction of the curriculum artefact that you proposed in the first assessment item. Not only should this artefact support learning in either Maths A or PVM, it should explicitly address the topical issue you have chosen.
In preparing your curriculum artefact, you should consider the intentions of the corresponding syllabi (Maths A or PVM), including:
• Inclusion of life-related context(s). The artefact incorporate the exploration of specific life related contexts. Some examples of suitable contexts for both Maths A and PVM include: designing a school garden; designing a house extension and/or back yard; creating a financial plan to leave home; budgeting for a function; an investigation of home loans; or creating and conducting a survey with the subsequent data analysis of a relevant issue such as music preferences, hours of exercise or house prices.
• Use of ICT as a tool for learning. Your artefact should make substantial use of ICT as a tool for learning mathematics. This should go beyond using ICT simply as a tool for practicing routine mathematical skills. Your artefact must include at least one significant activity that involves using suitable ICTs that enhance the learning of mathematics. In simplest form, this activity could be researching or collecting data from the internet, or in a more complex form it could involve learning and using a relevant software package. Use of ICTs solely to practice routine maths calculations is an inadeqaute for the purposes of this assignment.
• Assessment. Your artefact must demonstrate your understanding of formative and summative assessment principles in regard to the Maths A or PVM syllabi.
In preparing your artefact it is expected that:
• The learning and teaching embodied in the unit will reflect the spirit of the appropriate syllabus (Maths A) or study area specification (PVM).
• You will demonstrate your ability to prepare engaging learning experiences in a variety of forms, including the use of ICT’s and digital media, individual work, and small group work.
• You will demonstrate your ability to prepare tasks that offer opportunities for students to demonstrate their mathematical understanding and skills over a range of achievement levels.
• The material you prepare will be of use to you in your future teaching.
You submission will be comprised of two components, as described below.
Provide a brief statement (200-300 words) that identifies the particular topical issue that you have chosen to address and which summarises the strategies/approaches you have incorporated into your curriculum artefact to address the identified issue in relation to the teaching of Maths A or PVM.
The exact content of your curriculum artefact will depend upon the form you have selected (i.e., unit plan, professional learning package, website). Despite this, the artefact should meet the following requirements:
• Demonstrate you mathematical pedagogical content knowledge in regard to the substance and structure of the Maths A or PVM syllabi.
• Be stand alone. In the case of a unit plan or professional learning package, the artefact should include a comprehensive plan of how to deliver the classroom lessons / professional learning sessions and include all materials needed. In the case of the website, it should include all resources needed for students to learn and should not require a classroom teacher to prepare other materials for their students to be able to use the website.
• It must include evidence of your understanding of assessment principles and practices suitable for use in Maths A or PVM, including alignment to the relevant curriculum’s General Objectives and the associated Exit Criteria as the basis for making judgements.
If you choose to create a Unit Plan, it is suggested that you make use of the Maths CS Unit Planning template that has been previously introduced in other Mathematics Curriculum Studies units – QUT Mathematics CS Senior Unit Plan template February 2017.docx ]
Please make sure you regularly discuss your curriculum artefact’s form and content with your Unit Coordinator, prior to its final submission. Please also keep in mind that the completed curriculum artefact should represent the equivalent of 2500-3500 words of effort.
It is not essential that you to create every resource used in the curriculum artefact; It is expected that in many cases you will need to adapt existing resources to the specific needs/requirements of your curriculum artefact. Clearly reference the material in your artefact that you have not created yourself (or attribute its origin if it is work that you have adapted).
Presentation Guidelines
• In planning this Mathematics Curriculum Studies 3 unit, we hope that your curriculum artefact will be useful for inclusion in your professional portfolio and be something that you desire to show a future employer. With this in mind, do you best to present your artefact to a high professional standard, including layout, readability and attention to grammar and spelling.