Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy – Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning in:The sportswear market


Please please follow these description:
1)I am international student so use simple grammar and words and short sentences.
2)The questions are:
(a)1)Nike 2)Adidas: are serving The sportswear market, identify the segmentation variables these specific brands appear to be using and summarise their targeting strategy for each brand.
(b)How does each company you picked differentiate its marketing offer and image in the minds of targeted consumers?
2)Use the third person.
3)Maximum length is 500 words, excluding title page,appendices and references.
4)Please just use journals.
5)The text is written in Times New Roman, with 1.5 spacing, in font size 12. Pages should be numbered. Sections should be indicated by headings. Sections, subsections and text should be left and right aligned.
6)Use bulleted list
7)Please just use reliable websites ,there is no need for books AND be sure they are free to access.
8)7)There is no need for definitions.
9) It is ok to use their websites 1)Nike 2)Adidas).