CYB – Project 6

Use our book as a main reference: Engebretson, P. (2013). The basics of hacking and penetration testing: Ethical hacking and penetration testing made easy (2nd ed.). Waltham, MA: Elsevier. .
• Chapter 6: Web-Based Exploitation
• Chapter 7: Post Exploitation and Maintaining Access with Backdoors, Rootkits, and Meterpreter
Unit VI Project
Nikito and W3AF Scan
Using Nikto, scan a vulnerable web server on a virtual machine. Then, run a scan using W3AF against the same virtual machine. (Review Chapter 6 for more information about Nikito and W3AF.)
Take a screen shot of your results.
Analyze the results, and develop the conclusions, recommendations and implications. Be sure to cite any outside sources used in APA format.
Include your analysis of results and screenshots in a Word document to submit for grading