Dance in the Movies Research Project

Assignment: You will investigate and argue your own interpretation of the dancing in a film. Choose a movie that incorporates dance in at least two scenes. It would be better to choose a film we do not cover in class. If you choose a film we cover in class, you must take a totally different approach. Try to broaden your horizons—be open to choosing a movie that you have not seen before. You are to:

1.Argue your own interpretation of how the choreographer/filmmakers use the dancing in the film to comment on society (create a thesis)
2. Explain how two of the dance scenes function in the movie
3. Include movement description—use action verbs; see the doc “Questions to Ask on Seeing Dance” on Blackboard. Avoid a play-by-play; give a sense of the overall movement aesthetic.
4. Discuss the historical context surrounding the film
5. Explore how the choreographer’s (or dancer’s) experiences & philosophies shaped this work
This project begins with your interpretation of two dance scenes in a movie. Watch the complete movie; watch the two specific dance scenes several times before you continue with the project or formulate an argument.

1. The written account of your findings should be 2000-2300 words, or about 7-8 pages (do not count bibliography in the word count). See blackboard for citing sources, etc.
2. Your essay must contain a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph, clearly laid out ideas, and a conclusion that summarizes, but does not repeat, your argument.
3. This project will also require a consultationwith the sourceslisted below plus five additional sources (at least 11 total). You may not use more than one Internet source (reviews and video of the dance do not count as an Internet source, nor do online journal/magazine/newspaper articles). To investigate your topic in depth, you should engage with a variety of sources. Peer-reviewed journal articles are usually very useful.Definitely include:
• multiple reviews (at least 3)
• an autobiography or biography of the choreographer or dancer
• the movie itself as a major source—include some movement description in your paper
• a historical context source

In order to make this process easier, there are several components required in fulfilling this assignment. The two Research Worksheets are meant to serve as building blocks; both are posted on blackboard.A full draft of the research paper is due April 11; you will receive feedback to incorporate/make changes for your final paper.