Data Diary Project


Date of data diary collection:STAT 113:  Statistics and Society25 points totalBig data is a hot topic in society today.  It is neither good nor bad, ethical nor unethical, but it is important.  You are providing it, benefiting from it, and potentially being harmed by its misuse.  You need to be aware of the data you provide and learn more about what is done with your data.Instructions:1. (5 points)  You will keep a data diary for 24 hours.  You will write down everything you do that could potentially provide somebody with electronic personal data about you without you necessarily choosing to give them your information.  We are not interested in how long you brush your teeth, for example, unless you are transmitting this data to an outside source.  Some good examples include using Google to do a search online, using Blackboard, shopping with a credit card or your student ID, using a GPS, using an app on your phone, watching a movie on Netflix, texting, etc.  An example is given to you in the first line.   Time Activity Type of data collected from you4-4:45 Watched “Mad Men” on Netflix. Viewing interests, time watched, possibly geographical location watched, connected to my account information like name and e-mail address and credit card number2. (4 points)  What is the most concerning data that is being collected from you?  Why does it concern you?3. (4 points)  Go to the website of two unrelated companies that collect data from you.  State which companies you chose.  Find the privacy policies.  (If you can’t find it, then find contact information to e-mail to ask for the privacy policy.  This should be readily available.)  Compare and contrast the two privacy policies.  Read the whole privacy policies.  Do they specifically list which pieces of information the companies collect from you?  If so, what are they?  If not, what wording do they use to describe the collection of your data?  Cite the websites you used to get this information, too.  4. (4 points)  Do a little searching online to find out how big data is improving something that interests you.  Examples include sports, farming, shopping, movies, health, etc.  Explain how big data is improving this activity.  (Don’t use any examples from the lecture.)  Cite the website you used to get this information, too.5. Write a big data privacy “bill of rights” based on what you are and aren’t ok with.  a. (2 points)  What is ok for these companies to know about you?  b. (2 points)  How should they be able to ask about this information? c. (2 points)  What should they be allowed to do with your data?  d. (2 points)  How should they have to protect your data?  ================