Data Interpretation

Select a pair of articles on an identical topic from your Annotated Bibliography. This pair can be comprised of (a) one article to represent a research approach and another to represent another approach (e.g., one quantitative and one qualitative) or (b) one scholarly, research-based study and one practitioner article. Note: If you do not have two suitable articles in your Annotated Bibliography, you may find two suitable articles on a similar topic from the Walden Library.

Analyze the articles and compare them in terms of the following questions:

What comprises the data presented in each article?
How are the data presented and interpreted?
Are the data summarized only, or does the article include appendices or tables that present the data for the reader’s own interpretation?
Are there other ways that the data could be interpreted?
Are there other variables or factors that appear to have been excluded from consideration?
Is the argumentation sound and convincing?
Does each article include limitations of the study or approach?
Does each put the findings into a larger context in terms of current and future research?
Are the implications of the article presented in terms of research, practice, or both?