DEBATE: The race and sex of members on a jury has an effect on the court case and it’s outcome. Agree or Disagree?


This is actually a DEBATE. This is not for school but for a project I am working on with a fun debate league. I am competing in the championship match against the best debater in the league. I have attached an example of the last debate I submitted and the last debate my opponent submitted so you have a clear look at how we structure our debates.
Unrelenting statements for your argument, tone, writing style, pacing, and providing credible sources are so important. Building a mountain of an argument for your p.o.v. while toppling the counter-argument will win.
Although we are arguing one side for agree or disagree, consider the possibilities of the other side and clearly explain why you still argue the side you chose and provide undeniable proof you are correct. History is great for context and we will need it but so will modern examples too.
Make the argument so thorough and with stellar writing style and the judges will have no choice but to vote for us.