Decision Support System in Supply Chain Warehouse System Management

I need a literature review of decision support system in supply chain warehouse system management. The requirement will be the following:1) Your report is written with the following structure
Abstract (about 100 words)
Keywords (3-5)
Content ( such as Introduction, Literature review, Conclusion and discussion)
References (10-20, can be books, journal or conference papers) must be from 2007.
the mark schema will be:
1. Appropriateness for this topic, the appropriate type and amount for this topic – 5 marks
2. Adequacy of literature review and references – 5 marks
3. Correctly and completely present main and important contents for the topic – 5 marks
4. Clarity of presentation and organization (structure) of the report – 5 marks
5. Clarity and sufficient amount of analysis of you own point of view – 10 marks