Demonstrate Issues of Relevance to Accounting Theory.


For each article, apply the chosen accounting theory in a report style format:
• Summary (Part A):
– Summarise the article in a maximum of 75 words.
• Accounting Theory (Part B):
– Identify and briefly describe the accounting theory that you will be using in this analysis. Use appropriate references. (Suggested word count = 75 words)
• Analysis (Part C):
– Provide an analysis of the relationship between the theory and the newspaper article. Show how the facts of your article are directly related to the accounting theory chosen. Use references to support your arguments. (Suggested word count = 300 words)
• Conclusion:
– Provide a brief conclusion. (Suggested word count = 50 words)
• Word Count
– Make sure you include a word count at the end of EACH section AND the OVERALL word count at the end of each report